"The conception of the image is fundamental to free-style work. It emerges out of diverse forms, and is influenced by video clips, films, books, magazines, discussions, and, most often, all these things at once. You nibble a little here a little there from each of these pieces and react to what strikes your interest. Little by little, all this merges with your dreams, while you are awake and asleep. You add ingredients, like a bartender, you stir them together, giving them time to settle on the blank sheet of paper. Some ideas can be roaming around in your head for months and not find a way out, while others can take a matter of days to take shape on paper."

Luis Royo

Digital Artist (2008-2018)

Compositing Reel

last update: 25.10.2019

During my time as a freelancer, I worked on many projects. Here is a small compilation of my work.